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3 in person therapy slots - Lower Goat Lane, Norwich

I'm looking to do a small in person therapy clinic at The Practice Rooms, Lower Goat Lane, Norwich from mid August-early September. There will be only a small select set of appointments on Tuesdays 4pm, 5pm & 6pm. This will be CBT and/or EMDR.

I'm not on the website yet but taking interest in these slots.

What: CBT and/or EMDR

When: Tuesday evenings - 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, August/Sept 2024. These sessions will be weekly bookings only.

Where: The Practice Rooms, Lower Gate Lane, Norwich.

How: All details about The Practice Rooms is available here: 

CBT is £110 per 50 minute session

EMDR is at a training rate. This is £85 per session to cover my room/travel costs. EMDR will otherwise be offered online at £75 per 50 minute session. This maybe likely to change as I may offer 90 minute or 2 hour appointments in line with this type of therapy. Do enquire for more information. Book a free intro call via the book online button.


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