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What does self-care look like for you?

Good morning.

Everything is always better when the sun is out.

This morning I'm doing client admin, self care with a massage this afternoon and heels class later.

I long for the day when stuff like massages and bodywork are just seen as general self care rather than a rarity and indulgence.

I have a massage every 3 weeks, a combo of thai and deep tissue. So much comes up from bodywork for me. So I know I'm a CBTer but I really value the integration of the cognitive and somatic.

We really don't have to choose a side. We could even work the two modalities together which is what I do in my work.

I'm taking some leave from Friday 17th May- Tuesday 28th May, which again, much needed self care so I can support me to help you at my best. You will not see me working beyond what I have to, as I've spent an entire lifetime using my empath gifts.

If you want to know what it's like to look after yourself fully, have a pleasurable relationship with food, get the rest you need and know how to manage energy vampires, then get in touch. Press the book online button or click on the live chat to get started.

I'll be taking new clients from June 2024.


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