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Becky Grace CBT Therapy Norwich


Break the conditioning and discover a new way of being. Live life unapologetically as your whole & authentic self, free from societal expectations.

I help you take back your power by combining 'top down' Western evidence based, accredited CBT & EMDR with 'bottom up' holistic Eastern somatic practices including yoga, breathwork & somatic experiencing - to empower you to make transformative changes in your life.

CBT Therapy Norfolk | Becky Grace Therapy

You're not broken, society is...

Psychological distress is a natural response to a sick society that fundamentally tells us we are not good enough.

We live in a society that keeps us people pleasing, scrolling, procrastinating, doubting ourselves and seeking external validation. 


Old systems and structures are no longer serving us and we need to return to a more natural way of living.


Societal conditioning affects us all differently.


Many of my clients suffer eating disorders, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, people pleasing and self sabotage. Some are in abusive relationships or dealing with difficult family dynamics. 


Others simply lack the self worth needed to make decisions that would enable them to step outside of their comfort zone, go for their dreams and live life fully.

"Becky was easy to chat with and provided a safe space to talk about some things that were quite vulnerable (of course) and also provided tools and perspectives that were helpful and will continue to be. She also has great book recommendations!"

RC, London, UK. 03.07.2024

Becky Grace CBT Therapy Norfolk

My mission is...

To free us all from the old constructs so that we can recognise our self-worth, regain our power and return to our natural being, whilst creating new, healthier conventions for the betterment of all.

CBT Therapy for Eating Disorders, Self-esteem, Anxiety and Depression | Becky Grace CBT Therapy Norfolk

Hey, I'm Becky Grace

I'm a Norwich & online BABCP Accredited CBT & EMDR Therapist, Mental Health Nurse & Yoga Teacher.

Having experienced the devastation of binge eating disorder, painkiller and exercise addiction since childhood, I have recovered through a combination of 'top down' Western based clinical evidence based CBT and more holistic, eastern based 'bottom up' somatic techniques including yoga and breathwork.

Now I help others to do the same.

My recovery spanned 5 years as I got to grips with the complexity of eating issues and the underlying complex trauma I have experienced. I was formally diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 35, I am self diagnosed with Autism. I struggled with ongoing compulsions, urges and habits of emotion driven over-eating.


My current thinking and interests are around the link of neurodiversity, sexuality and pleasure (or the absence of it) in many peoples lives.

Numbing, soothing, scrolling, dissociating out of difficult emotions and feelings - using food, sex, phone scrolling and work to disconnect ourselves from our bodies.


My lived experience of eating issues, anxiety and addiction over 30 years and my 13 year clinical experience as a Mental Health Nurse & CBT Therapist, allow me to have a breadth of knowledge and skills to see the full perspective of emotional and psychological distress, along with developing a 'trauma informed' - and also trauma trained approach to distress. I'm not a fan of unnecessary diagnoses and challenge the psychiatric model of mental illness in it's isolation. We are the product of our environments - that is biological, psychological and social in origin.



Women’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Norfolk
Becky Grace with her dogs in the forest

I Combine Evidence based CBT with Somatic Healing for Transformative Healing from the Inside-Out

I see the whole of you and adopt a holistic approach to your healing. I do not see a disorder, because you are not the problem.


We work together to change your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions, whilst also healing triggers from the past by coming back into our bodies through somatic techniques.

How we work together


Book in for your 15 minute introduction call

We'll assess your needs collaboratively and see if we're a good fit for one another.


We set up a full assessment session,  collaborating t0 assign goals and create a plan of action

We will work together to outline the plan of action including potential pain points and any barriers to change, along with an approximate number of sessions needed.


Journey to self acceptance & freedom

We'll work together to create powerful, transformative change in your life.

Women’s CBT Therapist Combining CBT with Mindfulness Practices for Transformative Healing from the Inside-Out | Becky Grace CBT Therapy Norfolk
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist England

Self-awareness is the start. When you become aware of your core beliefs and how they were formed, you can make more empowering choices in your life.

Imagine what is possible on the other side of your transformation...

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy England
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist England


If you're struggling with your eating, feeling anxious, low or can't put yourself first....

Your next step is to book your free 15 minute introduction call

You can alternatively complete my contact form or whatsapp 07466 472294

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